Sunday, November 22, 2009

Forex Beginner Tips for making money

Hey Guys, I'm back and try to give you few Forex Tips,this will make you increase in making money

1. will sounds weird, but The first and last ticks are always gonna be the most expensive. Get in late and out early. hope you understand it

2. Knows when to stop in Forex and Never add money when you are losing.

3. Be Different in Forex, When everyone else is in, think and maybe it is time for you to get out and find other forex market.

4. Winner in Forex Always determine a stop and make a small profit objective before you enter a trade. Place stops also need to be considerate that are based on market information, and not your account balance.

5. It is always again its always easier to enter a losing trade market forex.

6. Another big tips is News is only important when the market doesn't react in the direction of the news otherwise it will not be usefull

7. In a bull forex market, you never want to sell a dull market, in a bear market, you should certainly never buy a dull market. Forex is like this as well

8. There are times, due to a lack of liquidity, or excessive volatility, when you should not trade at all. Patient that keep Forex as a good choice for business

9. You should read all information source including yesterday newspaper, It helps to read yesterday's paper and learn from what the market did.

10. in forex world There are at least three types of markets such as up trending, range bound, and down trading, you should identify and know your strategy