Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why Trading Forex need Strategy

ok the first big question on forex trading is how to proffit ? if you're serious about making some money moving to the next level of doing forex swing trading or day trading on every single day, here's your chance to make a very hearthbreaking breakthrough by using new forex trading trick strategies. Our new forex trading strategies entry setups are easy to understand and you will see because they stand out clearly compare other forex strategy. We only use a few indicators so decision making is easier and we concentrate on reading forex.

if you tired of making small money and struggling with forex trading? Your forex trading strategies failed and not working for you? Burned out from chasing money day after day from forex? Can't watch the markets trend because you have to sleep or go to work or play your favorite golf or spend time with your family when big moves happen or maybe you live in the wrong time zone for forex trading?

learn this strategy, with uur 4 hour forex trading strategy for swing day to day trading puts forex trading on auto-pilot so you can walk away from your computer and do what you have to do in normal hour and still make money. Increase your ability to stick with the trend and be successful in your forex trades.

We also have exciting strategy which bring new forex day trading strategies for 30 minute to 1 hour charts. Our forex trading strategy has been successful on gold and silver charts too. That's the power of having early information and knowing how to act based on forex strategy on your charts from our indicators. See opportunities before most traders see them.

most newbie on forex maybe have bought forex trading systems or methods before and your trading results still weren't up from scratch. try this strategy and you will sure win alot money

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Strategy to use when Doing Forex Trading

Many of newbie or beginning traders usually don't fully understand the concept of leverage. Basically, if you or your partner have a start up trading capital of $1,000 and if you trade on a 1:50 margin you can effectively and legally control a capital up to of $50,000. However, here is the big draw back, a two percent move minus or against you and your trading capital is completely wiped out to zero. If you are a beginning in forex trader you should not use more than 1:20 margin well at least until you can get comfortable and profitable and after then and only then you can attempt to use higher margins.

Most Question is What does 1:20 margin mean? It means that with your $5,000 you will control a capital of $100,000. Let's say we are going to trading the currency pair EUR/USD and by using our entry and beginer strategy you have decided to enter the trade on a long side. That means that you are betting that USD will depreciate against Euro. and will make proffit of the forex

Let's say current EUR/USD rate is for example 1.455. Again, if your trading capital is $5,000 and you are using 1:20 leverage basically you will effectively be exchanging $100,000 to Euros. which mean If the current rate is 1.455 you will receive 100,000/1.455 or about 68,728 Euros.

If the trade goes well in your direction margin will work very good in your favor and 1% decline in USD will mean 20% increase in your start up trading capital. So if EUR/USD rate moves from 1.455 to 1.469 we will be able to exchange your 68,728 Euros back to $101,000 for a profit of $1,000. and the profit is high. Since your start up trading capital was $5,000 it is effectively a 20% increase in your account. However, if the trade went against you and USD appreciated 1% vs. Euro your account would be reduced to $4,000. this will be good for forex strategy