Wednesday, February 4, 2009

forex or affilate marketing for online earning

We often head the word “Forex” without knowing the real meaning about this word. In this article I want to give a quick description about forex and the comparison about other common online business model, which I hope can increase your understanding and give you a valid reason to choose this business model. I have listed some other common online business model such as blogging and affiliate marketing as comparison
Blogging is simply setting up a blog. Your main job is writing, so, if you think that you are a good writer, you can this business model. The first phase in blogging business model is setting up the blog it self. You have to choose a domain name which can be based on your interest about things or based on the available niche out here which of course has low competition and higher search rate. Then you need to buy webhosting where you put your files in it. Webhosting is basically a hard disk in the internet. It will link to your domain when someone writes it in the web browser. The next step is writing the content. It is better if you write everything on your own. After having the blog itself ready including the content then you have to monetize your blog. You can add adsense link and any other link which can generate money for you. The last step is marketing your blog. One of the marketing techniques available is SEO. It is stand for Search Engine Optimization. If you master SEO stuff, you do not have to pay to get traffic.

The second business model is affiliate marketing. It is basically selling other products and generates some commission from every sale you make. Some people on the internet make a great living from doing this. They need years to achieve and master the skill. Affiliate marketing can be very profitable, as you do not need special skill. All you need is a good copywriting skill. Great Copywriting can seduce people to buy the product you sell.

The next business model called Forex. It is stand for Foreign Forex Exchange Trading. You can be very rich if you have enough knowledge and experience. There are lot of people generate their full time income from this business model. The essential key point is studying. There are certain method you need to master to gain maximum profit from this business. The best thing about this business is your income is unlimited. Further more, you also have to be prepared to loose some money on the learning phase. After you pass this period, you will make money easily than before.

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